Scallop Shells

Highlight of the day was a boat trip out to look at these wooden platforms in the Pontevedra estuary, where the Galicians farm mussels, oysters and scallop shells. We tied up to one, and they pulled up three different ropes with the different shells on them, and explained what they have to do to grow them. We were then served huge mounds of hot mussels, cooked in white wine, served with lots of local white wine. Loved watching the gusto with which everyone tucked in, followed by some dancing.

Extras of Mike's boots by one of the Camino's markers, and real scallop shells in the (amazing) market this morning.

(forgot them yesterday, but added now)
- a wonderful guide this morning, called Jesus, full of knowledge and poetry and funny stories. Lots of calls to "stay close to Jesus!"
- seeing a dolphin arching out of the water when we weren't even expecting it
- watching the waiter this evening preparing the queimada gallega, a huge amount of wine spirit in a big clay pot, mixed with coffee beans and lemon peel, and set on fire, accompanied by a sort of chant to scare away all sorts of bad things, while scooping the fire high into the air

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