By BlipCommunity

The UK Photography Show 2019

This is the major photographic expo in the UK each year.  It's a magnet for photographers and we knew from the blip meet forum that many blippers were planning their visits and arranging to meet up.  We sent along our local director, Graham on the first day to say hi.

So from left to right we have Stella2, NewburyJames, Technophobe, LooseCanon, DavidC, MPJG and HelenJG.

If you're going along over the next few days and you get to meet up with other blippers we'd love you to share your pictures.  Just use the tags #blipmeet and #ukphotoshow so we can check out the action.

Don't forget you can find out about blip meets by checking out the forum at any time.  Better still how about having a go at organising a blip meet? It's a great way of getting in touch with other blippers in your area and we know from stories we've heard that enduring real life friendships have resulted from such meets. Always tag your post with #blipmeet so we can check them out.


As Meles has thoughtfully pointed out you can get notifications of any new blip meet posts by following the forum.  Simply click on the follow link, top right of the forum entries.  If you are interested in a particular meet you can also follow that individual post to keep up to date with all comments.

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