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Summary of the community Water Challenge

Great response to our latest community challenge: you are not making my job easy! ;)  So here are some of my picks, loosely arranged in (completely arbitrary) categories.  For the whole set of images, just go to: #2019Water
Water Activities
brisk dip in England
Crewing in Germany
Cliff fishing in Mexico

Biking on the beach in England
Ice walking in Sweden
And, of course, surfers across the world: in the USNew Zealand and Australia
Water and Ice
water-level view of water and ice in Canada
An iced cascade in Swizerland 
Ice as art in the UK 
Icy lake in NZ 
Up close with an icicle in US (Maine) 
Tamed water
A Scottish canal and lock
Managed waterfalls in Sweden
Wild water
Where two rivers meet in England: wild water 
Waterfal lin the UK (and take two for good measure)
Cascade in Ireland
The smoothness of a slowed down river under a bridge or over stones in the UK 
Switzerland wins the prize for most submissions on that topic: snowy mountainssculpturedrifts, and reflections.  But Argentina did sneak in an entry!
Soft waters at sunset in Australia
Washing waves in the UK 
b&w beach scene in New Zealand 
Ancient silts at low tide in England
Snowy sunset over water in Canada 
Misty lock with red buoys in Finland 
Bluffs from a kayak in Canada bluff 
Serene pond reflection in the Netherlands
Painting on water in South Africa
Rain on the lake in Finland
Water fountain in the UK 
Irrigation in New Zealand and Nepal
Public water in Nepal
Medical use in the UK
Making sure you get your water in New Zealand
Different takes
Bear with me on this category, whose images didn’t quite fit any of the others.  But the images show the attention to detail of the photographer and the willingness to experiment with different takes or spot unusual frames J
Silhouettes in Florida 
Frosted window in Canada 
Wave of ice in Sweden 
Shine bright like a diamond in the US 
Lost cart in the UK 
Shadows on snow in Finland 
Standing her ground in Hawaii 
The big drip in Washington State (USA) 
Abstract waterfall in the US 
Frozen tracks in the US 
Blanketed window in Canada
Water in multiple forms at Lake Michigan in the US 
Bubbling dog water in the US 
Finally, my personal favorites:
The subtleties of white in Sweden
Bottled in New Jersey (USA)
Condensation in England 
Water reflections in Scotland
Collated by Michele (aka Alsacienne)
Cover pic by Stella2

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