Lake Tasman

We didn't get home until 7pm tonight, the first job was to download the (over 1,000) photos from yesterdays wedding, and I am very happy to say they look really good.  
I will talk more the wedding up in the mountains when I backblip yesterday & the Friday wedding too (that one involved a helicopter flight up into the mountains).
Back to today - funnily enough, we both slept into almost 9am, totally unheard of for us.  Must have been exhausted after our 16 hour day yesterday.
Morning coffee and a leisurely chat with our friends who have a house in Twizel, they happened to be up there for the weekend.  
I suggested we head up to Mt Cook and have a squiz at the phenomenon that happened a week ago.....tons and tons of ice broke off the glacier edge and if you have a look at the extras as well will give you an idea just how much ice is there.  It really was a gasp moment. 
This one is using the Canon with the Big Stopper, long exposure only 3 seconds and set to black & white in camera.  The extras are using the trusty Sony.....
a real "gasp" moment.
We then went to The Hermitage for a very late lunch, something like 3pm !!  We were famished.
To give you an idea of the difference, take a look at it when I took Gitama there last November.  No comparison.
I really need a wee sleep, and tomorrow I will back blip the two wedding days - there will be no bride pictures though as they don't want anything showing on any type of social media before they see the photos themselves, which is absolutely fair enough. 


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