Lake Louise

Back Blip

Doug & I were on the road around 6.30am for the 2 hour drive up to Glencairn Station – all go when I arrived. The girls were getting their hair and makeup done so clicked off a few there, then went upstairs and did the gowns, flowers, shoes etc etc.
Then off to Lake Louise where the whole ceremony takes place to photograph the blokes. They weren't really into posing, so I clicked away as they changed then we went among the tussocks for some very casual shots.
Louise and her girls arrived from the homestead soon after, we bundled into four wheel drives and set off up a hideous (so called) track up the mountain behind Lake Louise. Incidentally, Lake Louise is named after her, long story :)
We had a ton of fun up there, Mt Cook came out from the clouds and looked amazing. The photos up there were very informal as they had instructed. I was happy with what we got.
Down we went with a couple of stops on the way.
The ceromony followed a while later, then group photos. We were guests at the wedding also, so had time for wines and conversations too.
Come 10pm, we called it a day, and headed into our motel in Twizel.
My blip was taken early before anyone was around, her theme was navy and white throughout, the tables looked amazing.
Like yesterdays blip, I will share some photos when they have seen them and when I have been given the thumbs up.
Louise looked gobsmackingly gorgeous.


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