By rainie


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Todays wedding was at Geraldine, we had rain overnight but was clearing when I left home at 10am.

The shoot went well (mostly) – and a nice surprise bonus for the groom after the ceromony and family photos were completed......a helicopter zoomed in and landed in the paddock adjacent to the wedding venue. Apparently, he proposed up on a mountain, so the bride (daughter of my neighbour) thought she would give him a mountain surprise as well.
Off we went, way way up into the back country mountains, landing on a crest of one. Tussocks and lots of bunny holes, so had to be very conscience of where we were putting our feet. A stunning spot for photos with 360° views, rather windy which played havoc with her hair which consistently blew across her face. Still, nothing could be done about that, we (myself, the videographer and bride & groom) spent a fun hour up there before returning to the venue.
Wedding party group photos followed, then onto the wedding breakfast. I had been asked to stay for the first dance, and just as that started my battery went flat, shucks !!
Finally got home around 10pm, uploaded photos, recharged batteries ready for the early start in the morning.....wedding #2

My blip is her garland she wore on her head.....she was a stunning bride, tall and slim. Much later I will share some images with you, but not until they have seen them, and I've been given the thumbs up to do so.


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