By rainie


A day at home, doing not too much other than looking through Pinterest for ideas for my two weddings.  In the end my head turned to mush, so have decided to go with the flow and take it a step at a time.

After all the heat, late this afternoon a cool southerly change came through and its currently raining.  However, it is meant to clear in the morning, so should be sweet for the afternoon photos.  We are to be there at 11am and staying until their first dance scheduled for 8.30pm.  Then I'm out of there, home to recharge and backup ready for a 6.30am start to drive 2 hours up to the high country station for the next one.
I'm expected to be there at 9am.  We are staying Saturday night in Twizel. I'm tired and exhausted just thinking about them.

As you would expect there will be no blipping until at the earliest Sunday night.  Have a lovely weekend everyone.


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