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Friday wedding
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Thanks ever so much for calling in on yesterdays "avalanche" of icebergs.  It really was an incredible sight, with a real possibility of lots of them wintering over if we get an early winter.
Today - I had a hideous sleep, when I was so tired I just could not get to sleep, got up at 2.30 and had some food and drink.  Crazy, still lay awake for some time, but dozed off and possibly got a couple of hours before waking at 5.30 !!
Consequently, a quite morning.  I did start editing the Friday wedding photos this afternoon, but didn't get much done. Going Ok though.

My blip - theme"stuff"... I gave it some thought, and came up with stuff(ing), so set up a still life with the ingredients stuff....breadcrumbs, egg, sage, thyme, parsley, salt, pepper, onion and the basil is painted on the plate.  I photographed it on the floor looking down, then realised my slippers looked stuff(ed), so included them as well.
I used a black & white setting in camera.


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