By dfb24


....in several of it's forms; snow that blankets the ice covered beach down below, chunks of circular ice floating in Lake Michigan and dusted by yesterdays' snowfall, and a bit further out as well as on the horizon, bands of deep blue that are open water. 
A really beautiful day! Only 30 degrees (F) but with the sun out it feels warm. I actually took one of my three layers of clothes off when I was out snow-blowing the driveway because I was so hot I couldn't stand it. When I finished I went walking in the park--a difficult feat, because none of the paths had been cleared & there were spots that were well over my knees--but I spent close to an hour just slowly wading around taking pictures. 
Have you ever seen those greeting cards that start with the words: "You KNOW your're old when....."  Well, that's how I felt today!  I was standing next to my car using the 3 foot long snow brush/scraper (meant for clearing the stuff off the car) to brush all the snow off my pants, when I looked up to see three young men jogging down the middle of the road toward me ........ in tennis shoes and shorts!!  Such a juxtaposition!      :)))

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