Breakey Blips

By ElizabethB

There's no Planet B

As seen on one of the placards
"There's no Planet B"

I offered to take all 3 offspring out of school on Friday to enable them to participate in the international student strike for climate.

1 was banned from unapproved absences without a doctor's cert, and another shrugged his shoulders as he headed out the door. With my words ringing in his ears - ' on your head be it, of you don't care for the climate'
But maybe that's a bit unfair to blame his lack of activism for the whole of the climate mess!
Miss C considered her timetable and decided to go. There were a few hundred outside the town hall, even though we marched along the back roads to arrive there. It was a very understated laid back Geelong style protest.

I heard the kids saying that they had no power to change things, but they are all in contact with voters and have the ability to inform that voter at the very least.

Our was amazing to think of kids doing the same across the world.
The Labour Opposition leader suggested that they should protest out of school hours, which makes it a bit pointless. Instead of lecturing kids, perhaps they need to reconsider their own stance on the environment.

2 extras : one of the freshly 'crowned' lion and the placards, the other of the drummers warming up.

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