The Cat Who Chop-Slammed My Lens

It was late in the day, and I hadn't really taken many pictures. The sky was very active, and I ran outside with my camera just as dusk was starting to fall. I opened the front door and heard the jingle of a bell. We had a visitor!

Stryker, the little gray neighbor kitty, was waiting there. His family has been having a roof put on their house, and the kitty has been an in-door prisoner all week. I'll bet he was raring to go when they finally opened the door.

Stryker followed me into the side yard as I took pictures of the sky. Then I kneeled down and focused on the cat. He posed prettily for me, then walked straight into my camera, chop-slamming my lens with his face!

A soundtrack song for a visiting kitty: the Bangles, with Walking Down Your Street.

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