A Tree, a Barn, and the Loneliest Sunflower

We had a little skiff of snow overnight. It was one of those March snows, here in the morning but gone by noon. I decided to make a quick stop for some pictures, and here is what I found: a tree, a barn, and the loneliest sunflower of them all.

The tree is a big old white oak that I discovered late last summer. Can you believe that such a tree has stood in this town since before I was born, and I only learned of it recently? No, me neither. But I know that tree now.

The barn was part of a farm property that became Tudek Park. There are horses that live in the barn, but they were not outside on this day. For the morning was quite cold, and there was snow, though not much of it.

To the far right is the star of the show: the last sunflower of them all. As you may remember, that is how I ended up at these gardens in the first place. I was looking for sunflowers to photograph, and someone mentioned that I could find some here.

For that bit of land in front of the tree and barn is a set of community gardens, divided into tiny plots where people can dip their hands in dirt, plant their dreams, and harvest hope and happiness, and even the occasional flower or vegetable. Including sunflowers, beloved by the birds.

The sky was beautiful: the shade of pure blue that only follows snow. And the clouds were white and puffy, as they should be. And the sun shone bright and golden . . . on the big tree, and me, and the barn, and the loneliest sunflower of them all.

A song for the last sunflower: Roy Orbison, with Only the Lonely.

P.S. An additional picture, showing the tree and barn and the charming wooden fence around the gardens, is included in the extras.

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