A Welcome Party for New Friends

Sometimes it's just marvelous being me. :-) I occasionally receive boxes unexpectedly in the mail that contain cool critters from all around the world. (Say THAT sentence twice!)

On Thursday afternoon, such a box arrived, and inside it were four very cool new critters from New Jersey (thank you to my friend, AG!). The box itself was immediately investigated and chop-slammed by That Tabbycat, Dexter. He's a cat; it's what he does.

The largest of the new critters was the green Loch Ness monster in the middle of this picture. (I only know who it is because it wears its name - Nessie - across the front.) Tiny Tiger asked permission for a ride, which was instantly granted. Fast friends!

There were also two small ducks that I'm sure will float, like Nessie will, on the waters. And a porcelain raccoon whose name I do not yet know. The red-shirts had never seen a raccoon before, and they thought it was a fascinating creature. Sorta stripey, like Tiny Tiger.

Welcome, welcome, new friends from far and near! :-)

Today's soundtrack song . . . in honor of Nessie, and that whole Loch Ness thing, here is a song about another loch that is a favorite of mine. It should be familiar, so you are welcome to sing along: John McDermott, with Loch Lomond.

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