Capital adventures

By marchmont

Dim Sum

I didn't say up for the second match last night but write up to the scope. Well done!

I woke fairly early and went swimming before 8. Then we were off to Cheras for dim sum with the aunts to see goodbye to Eryi, Wen Xin, who is going back to London tonight. Dim sum, is mainly tasty steamed morsels and only served in the morning, often Sunday morning breakfast. We were back by 11. However Amelia threw up as we got to Cheras and had her dim sum in nappy and cardigan.

Then I was left with Amelia (Olivia was at Po Po's) while Wen Hui and Wen Xin went to Mid Valley. She slept till nearly 4 and then wanted to go swimming which we did. Another hot day, 37, so the pool was busy. Olivia joined us. Wen said she would, but didn't.

Gordon was working late and I had leftovers for dinner as Wen Xin and the girls were taking Wen Xin to KLIA and picking up Wen Fang, coming back from Taiwan. They will be back very late..

I watched the rest of Idris Elba in 'Turned Up Charlie'. I also had a G&T on the very hot balcony. There was a breeze, but a hot breeze.

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