Showers, sunshine and wind

After all the rain yesterday I thought the Falls of Feugh would be full of water. I set out in sunshine, as soon as I left the city centre I saw there were patches of snow around. The hills head were white. More worryingly there were large dark clouds I had not noticed before leaving. On arrival at the Falls it was pouring with rain.

I sat in the car for a while watching some blue sky approach. As soon as the rain let up I headed out. I wanted to experiment again with my ND filter. When I loaded up the photographs I had taken with the filter I was not very happy with them. Luckily I had taken a few shots without the filter. More practice on using this filter is required.

So this picture is taken without the filter, but in processing I have attempted to reproduce the same effect I would have got had I used it. Sometimes it is better to cheat.

Actually the amount of water coming down through the Falls was no more than I have seen often in the past. While I was on the bridge it started to rain again. However the inclement weather ensured there was nobody other than myself on the bridge. It flexes slightly as people walk around.

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