The Niger seed has been worth it!

I haven’t seen a Redpoll on the feeders for quite a few years and this year I thought I’d try again with Niger seed.  Well up to now it’s had the occasional goldfinch(es) feeding when all the sunflower seed spots were taken but today, bingo.  There he was!  Let’s hope he stays around for a bit now.  The bullfinches seem to have gone but maybe I simply wasn’t looking at the right time and there are still lots of siskins.

A much better day today after the horrendous rain and winds of the last few days.  Yesterday was so bad that we had leaks coming through the two windows at the end of the house.  It also left us with some very soggy feeders which I cleaned out and washed this morning.

I’m still working on the photo-book project in preparation for my talk on Wednesday evening and today I finished putting together a small book using the Yophoto site.  I’ve used them in the past for small family annuals but not for a few years, so it took me a while to get the hang of using it again.


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