Scattered Polaroids

By sp

Today was a busy one.

Up early and out of the house before sunrise. I saw a single human being on the walk to the station, it was weirdly quiet. It was quiet in Reading too. A little too quiet. It didn't last long - by half 10 we were crazy busy, absolutely rushed off our feet.

I finished at 2.30 and ran to the station to catch the train to Winch. It's taken about 3 weeks of discussing and persuading to get the afternoon off - I only found out yesterday I could definitely go, and I could not have been happier.
Got changed in the train toilet (quite an experience), had a quick snack, then I was there and hurrying down to Costa to see the Winchers.

In attendance were (deep breath): Pose, Graham, Piero, Lily, Jess, Peter, Cello, Tom, Other Tom, Nicola, Jamie, Danielle, James, Steve, Ailsa, Clare, Dan & Katrina.
We sat and had Costa and chats for a while, then went for a wander round the market. The wander round ended up as chatting-in-various-places-at-the-market. We saw Green Trousers, got rained on, then went to O'Neills to escape the cold. Caught the train home with Pose, who knitted all the way back.

I was gonna blip this one . It was amazing to be back, and as soon as I started walking down the hill from the station, I felt like I was home. Winch, you are an absolute beaut of a city and you know how much I love you... but if I'm honest, today was never really about the place. I can't even explain how nice it was to see people - most of them I haven't seen since we graduated in July. Hopefully it won't be that long until I see them again.

(ps. I think my descending hat caused the lazy eye - this was taken before the mulled wine!)

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