By SweetArt

Mongkok - Ladies' Market

After bible study today, for our last day of touring, I took Ian & Metsy to Yum Cha at Maxim's for a final Chinese meal.  They tried lots of things, including squid.  The extra shows them using their chopsticks again.  

After a rather scrumptious meal there, we walked around Central and under the main HSBC building which marks the Central coastline from the early 1900s.  It's quite fascinating to see how much land has been reclaimed from Victoria Harbour.  

Back on the MTR to head north to Mong Kong and the Ladies' Market.  We had loads of fun there, and more purchases were made.  They're not so used to bargaining, but I am, and I got them good deals on all their purchases.  Ben joined us at the markets as well. 

Metsy wanted to get some scented candles for her family, so we went back to Central to the Candle Shop and she found exactly what she was looking for.  We also stopped and had coffees at our friend's coffee shop in Central. We had been here on their first day out and Ian really liked the coffee. 

Back to the ferry pier to head home and finish off packing the rest of their stuff.  But not before one final drink at happy hour in the Plaza!  

Quick dinner before heading out to the airport to drop them off. Ben and I spontaneously decided to see the new Captain Marvel movie at the IMAX theatre at the airport.  Gotta do these things while he's still here :).

We dropped off the Hamlins at their check-in counter, said sad goodbyes and headed to the movies.  

It's been a lovely time with our visitors and I hope they have good memories of their first trip to Asia.

P.S. We were all devastated to hear of the events in Christchurch. How awful, sick and extremely sad.  Such a horrific act of hate, honestly, there are no words! Praying for the victim's families. 

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