By Bella888

Life’s pleasures

If they are content, so be it. The tattoo parlours seem to be raking it it, so they will be content too.

Been on the phone to complain to Experian (they couldn’t verify me online). I understand the role of credit agencies, but remember a similar issue a few years ago. And it was because a mobile company had input my name incorrectly. So takes forever to unravel, as a result of a fault not of my making.

And was waiting for a 9:30 call that didn’t materialise.

Off to Boscombe soon. Mr B having an AAA scan* (saw it promoted on the wall at the GPs). He’d prefer not to go. Tough!
*Update: Immediate result > all OK! The radiographer/nurse? said many don’t turn up for appt

Thanks to ApolloFly for hosting Mono Monday, today’s theme ‘Content’

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