Is this my best side?

We bought this little guy (there was some discussion in South Africa about the gender, but W maintains he is male, despite the long pigtail) in McGregor.  He has been christened Mr Quirky.  Unfortunately, he's lost an eye in transit, so this is definitely his best side.  W tried to repair him, but the eye is made from a fragile seed, and sadly disintegrates when you try to glue it back on.

The little gift shop where we bought him was full of similar creations - all different.  I would have loved to have bought several, but we had to recognise the difficulty of transportation - especially for some of the bigger ones!

I've been to the gym today for the first time since our return.  We didn't get a great deal of exercise on holiday - it was just too hot for walking - so my legs are letting me know they exist this evening.

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