Receding Water

I went back to Tadcaster this morning to return something that we bought from the supermarket yesterday - something not quite right with it and it tasted off! Anyway, refund sorted.

Fortunately the flood barriers erected yesterday were never tested as the water levels only just reached the top of the bank.

There is now clear light under the arches of Tadcaster bridge. Apparently they are sending down divers to check the underwater structure - obviously very nervous after the collapse in 2015.

The extra is the view upstream to the old railway viaduct - under that mass of water is a weir!

Spent all day at the studio collating hundreds and hundreds of little 5” square of fabrics (about 2,500 in total) - stocking up ready for Mrs madwill’s next TV show

Off down to Kent tomorrow for a funeral on Wednesday - so blip comments may be a bits sparse for a couple of days.

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