Crazy About Birds

By Kimb

Wood Duck

Walking down the usual road on our usual walk past the usual pond.

Me: OOH! A duck just flew in!!

The Husband: What?

Me: A duck. Just flew in to the pond.

The Husband: I don't see a duck. You can't even see the water from here. What are you talking about?

Me: I saw a duck fly in. 

The Husband: You can't SEE the water.

Me: No. But I saw the DUCK FLY IN.

We walk further down the road - to the point where there's the opening in the trees that surround the pond so we can see the water. And sure enough - I can see the duck.

Me: See? It's a wood duck.

The Husband: No. I don't see anything.

Me - looking through camera: Right there! 

The Husband: I see no duck.

At this point I gave up and just took some shots of the admittedly distant duck. There was a female as well, but she was even more obscured by the stuff between us and the water.

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