By Kipsie

I've got the measure of you ...........

Early start this morning, a lap of the local park with Tilly & Molly, dropped Tilly back & then off again with Molly. We walked down beside the Babbacombe Cliff Railway which is celebrating it's centenary this year. It's still making the trip up and down the cliff side to Oddicombe beach every day, mainly locals at this time of year but busy all day once the holiday season begins. Although I only lived 10 miles away as a child, we never came to Torquay. Dawlish Warren & Teignmouth were closer so those are the beaches I remembered. Cliff railway???? It was'nt until I started dog/housesitting that I became familiar with the area. Still finding new paths everyday but this mornings route I knew and was on a tight schedule. Walking down the steep road I came across a local lady walking her two little terriers, carrying a litter picker and carrier bag. Commended her on her effort and briefly discussed the worry of people drinking alcohol while driving, then discarding their cans out of the window, & general litter bugs. The sea was flat calm when we arrived at the beach, quite mesmerizing. A lady was sat reading a book close to the waters edge. We came down and ruined it completely by Molly's barking. Sorry lady!. Got Molly off the beach sharpish! Spotted the seal out in the bay along with two Cormorants busy diving.   Amazing how long they stay under the water .. Up through the woods beside Walls Hill with a few stops to get our breath back. Molly, a Cavalier King Charles has short legs and mine are'nt that longer. Well that's my excuse. Someone was short of some doggy poo bags when they got home. Hope they had plenty as I picked up 6, attached to each other plus 1 single. The Countryside rangers were busy tidying up yesterday with their chain saws after the storm, but obviously moved along the coast this morning.
Off to the Dartmoor Pony Heritage Trust for my morning of volunteering. Youngsters come from special needs schools, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, & Thursdays. Morning & afternoon sessions. Tuesdays mornings we have a group of 6 students in their mid teens. As it was a beautiful mild sunny morning we caught the ponies, cleaned hooves, and then walked them around the grounds in Parke.  Once back we released them in  the corral, as soon as halters were off they all proceeded to roll. It looked sooooooooooooooooo good. I bet it felt good.
I look after the bird feeders and gardening, well part of the gardening. I was using the grass cutting machine but it is such a beast, and quite a bit of the site which is grassed is sloped, so it was a tad difficult for me so now I just do the planting around the  site, and feed the birds. The feeders were all empty, only filled once a week, & once filled the birds are normally back within minutes, not today, they've obviously got more important things on their minds. Wink, wink. A pair of Mistle thrushes were in the stream which runs into our pond collecting algae, so there is nest building going on close by. Will have our eyes peeled now we've identified them. Sue one of the volunteers, Googled Thrush & there at her fingertips was a list, & images. The power of I.T.
A quick black coffee with the students, then it was off to Mum's, one of the cushions that we bought two weeks ago at Dunelm had a faulty zip. Collection made, dashed home to see hubby, make lunch and check out the garden. I bought a new handle for my mattock, which a friend has changed for me. The old handle had broken off and was full of woodworm. It was Dad's so it would have had plenty of service over the years as he was a keen vegetable grower.
And breathe, back in Torquay, greeted by Molly & Tilly who obviously deserved a little treat for being good.
Blip photo ideas for tiny Tuesday next challenge. Did'nt need to look far. Always challenging going into someone else's house, finding utensils, etc in the kitchen. Finding weird & wonderful gadgets not knowing what they are for. The first time I came here there was a gadget hanging up above the rather lovely range that completely flummoxed me. Turns out it was an avocado cutter. Do you need an avocado cutter??? Yes!. :)
Dogs have been fed, during my blip diary, now settled down until I make my dinner which will be a mish mash tonight, as Julia is coming back a day earlier than planned & I want to use up some cold meats etc. Love antipasti They then have a Dentastick. It's a dogs world.  I tell ya.
Time for a cider. Chin chin!!

p.s General observation. People who have dishwashers have cupboards full of coffee mugs.

Thanks to dbifulco for hosting tiny tuesday

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