Reaping and Sowing

One of two female figures on the Clydesdale Bank (CYBG) headquarters in Glasgow.   This one is reaping, the other sowing.

Unknowingly I walked right into the middle of a news item.   I was minding my own business, taking my pictures, when I became aware of the film cameras and the banners opposite the entrance to the building.   They were doing a feature on a Mr Goudi who is on his 4th day of hunger strike and sleeping in a tent opposite the Bank.  He also has banners with slogans like 'Shame On Clydesdale Bank'.   Apparently he had a successful property business, with an annual revenue of around £800,000 at its peak. .  Allegedly back in 2012 the bank changed his long term business  loan facility to short term loans and then despite never having missed a payment they called in the debt.  As he was unable to pay they passed it to a private equity company who put his business into receivership and sold off the properties.  (Prices wouild still be low at that time due to the financail crisis).    So passers by started asking me questions thinking I was part of the film crew!

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