Spoonbill Nest

Many thanks for the stars and hearts for yesterday's shot.  I thought it woud be a good idea to folow up with a shot in the nest.  I gather these babies are a bit early this season and in this case they are literally spoon fed!

The Extra will be a sight familiar to some long serving blippers who liked the work of EzHighway who regularly graced the 'popuar' pages.  In addition to his fabulous wildlife bird shots he often had pictures of these tree frogs which often cling to the outside wall of his  house overnight.  He had a variety of 'toys' for them to play with.  This one must have known I was visiting today as it was waiting for me.

And thanks for the concern over my inability to get some much needed antihystamine.   The solution was for me to go to the gun store down the road where they sold me a gun no porblem and I then went back to the pharmacy and demanded the hayfever cure.  to be given another similar product which didn't contain the secret Meths ingredient!

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