Quod oculus meus videt

By GrahamColling

Derelict Land and Pool

Oh, what a day.  Started at 5:30 am for me and as I looked out of the window I was conflicted, cloud to the east, clear(ish) sky to the west.  I went out and so glad I did.  Mist was rising from the fields and despite no pre sunrise fireworks the atmosphere was ethereal and offering up lots of opportunities for photographs.

I headed to this field, previously used to graze horses but now left abandoned to nature.  There never used to be a pool here, but now that it isn't managed one has formed.  I took a photograph of it last summer almost dry, but today it was a question of wading through the margins, in some cases close to the top of the wellingtons, to reach this point.  I wanted to make sure that the small reed clump was the only foreground.

After that I spent another hour walking around the area, enjoying the conditions.

The morning was taken up on Cannock Chase, on horse crossing duty.  There were large groups of emergency services in the area, police, and search and rescue.  A polite enquiry found that it wasn't an exercise, I asked no more.  I was aware of a small group of concerned people talking to one of the police detectives and hoped that everything would turn out ok.

Then home and into the garden to start the spring clean (well after all it is the first day of spring).  It was only interrupted by various callers to the house, including the deliveries due on Monday and our longest known friends on a walk in the pleasant afternoon sun.

All in all a cracking day.

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