By Veronica


We visited Lézignan market for the first time in over three months. It was a voyage of discovery since it has finally moved to its new location. The Cours de la République feels oddly empty now: there are still a few stalls, but not the bustle there was before. The place Cabrié itself and the area around the church are now the main location for food stalls, including quite a few new ones, but they seemed oddly spacious too. Users of shopping trolleys and buggies are undoubtedly pleased, as are other shoppers who kept getting rammed by them.  

It took time to work out where our previous regular stallholders were. We met A, C, and H in the process, and a few other people too; nice to catch up with people we haven't seen in ages. There is still no cafe in the marketplace, which just seems wrong. We bought plenty of fresh locally produced fruit and veg and some not so local, including Spanish avocados at 6 euros a kilo (1 euro/kilo in Almuñecar).

S headed home with the shopping, and I caught the train to Narbonne to pick up trusty Bruno the Peugeot. Who as usual started first time after being abandoned for a month, and rumbled happily home via a stop chez M. Picard (has to be done when in Narbonne). I didn't see Aunt B as she intrepidly popped off to India the day before we got back. Looking forward to hearing how she got on!

PS Every time I think British politics can't get stupider or more chaotic, it does. What an absolute shambles. Virtually every member of parliament failing in their public duty. What on earth are future historians going to make of it?

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