By Veronica

Out and about

While we were away, some of our neighbours started going on regular walks on Thursday afternoons, so today we joined them. It was a tame outing, only about 7 km and mostly on tarmac, but very convivial with plenty of chat, and we stopped off at S and R's for a cup of tea on their terrace afterwards: a gorgeous day, about 24C with just enough breeze not to get too hot.

I continued to set up the new Mac, encountering a number of conundrums due to it only having a 256GB internal disk, and Migration Assistant refusing to restore my TimeMachine backup anywhere other than that. It's got about a terabyte of data on it, including 500 GB of photos, which I want to put on a new external hard drive ... what to do? So I still haven't got my photos back, but I have got Lightroom installed and working. I knew it was going to be an awkward business, so I'm not stressing over it. Much. Whatever happens, I can't have as bad a day as Theresa May. Or the IT staff trying to prevent the government petition server from crashing.

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