By Ingeborg

Spring is here

Our magnolia tree has been ready to burst out in full bloom for more than a week now, but this past week's storms and generally bad weather has stopped that and damaged some of the buds and petals. I thought it might be apt to take a shot anyway on this first official day of Spring in the Northern Hemisphere, with a lensbaby.

It is election day in The Netherlands, elections for the provincial governments and the 'waterschappen', regional water management governments. The today elected provincial members are the ones who then later vote for the members of our national senate. Unfortunately in The Netherlands too populism is gaining more and more fans, I can't believe that many people have decided to vote for a party that denies climate change, says it will stop immigration and wants to exit from the EU (although after all the Brexit troubles you don't hear them that much about that). Fingers crossed they don't get as many votes/seats as polls have predicted, as it will upset the majority that the current government coalition has and we all know what a problem it can be is when senates have a different political combination than the parliament.

Speaking about Brexit,  it seems to have ended into rapids today, but it is still a disaster or even more.

For Abstract Thursday tomorrow the optional theme is 'surprise shapes or patterns', what I mean with that is that often you can suddenly see a pattern or shapes where you didn't expect it, think the patterns in backlights of cars, shadow play on 'normal' objects which suddenly makes it look different. The tag will be AT195.

Thanks so much for your kind comments, stars and even a heart for yesterday's shell Blip

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