Kitchen twirls

Spirals are the weekly theme for Kramer's Eye and a twirl is what we're in, in The Netherlands. I'm very sad, shocked and troubled that in yesterday's elections a new populist anti-immigrant party with a distinct racist and xenophobe agenda has become the winner. As an opinion headline said: Keep it simple, manipulate the truth and pose provocatively nude ... that's how the leader of this party got his followers.
What a disaster !

For Abstract Thursday the optional theme is 'surprise shapes or patterns', what I mean with that is that often you can suddenly see a pattern or shapes where you didn't expect it, think the patterns in backlights of cars, shadow play on 'normal' objects which suddenly makes it look different, hence my image of the skimmer twirl posing on the worktop with reflections. Don't forget to tag your entries with the AT195 tag.

Thanks very much for your kind comments and stars for yesterday's Spring  Blip

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