Another good sleep last night :)  Had a fairly relaxed start to the day, then Tim and I went to the South West Shooting School for him to shoot some clays.  It had a great set-up and was in a beautiful location.  I loved the bright orange clays in this tumbledown shed contrasting with the mossy surroundings. Tim did some good shooting too!

Feeling a bit better today - slightly more energetic at least - so after some lunch back at the apartment, we headed out for a walk up the Torrs towards Lee.  There was a thick sea mist rolling in, but it was still beautiful.  We didn't go as far as Lee - slightly put off by a load of bulls in a field on the way - so decided to drive there afterwards instead, to have a wander on the beach.  Managed to get there at high tide though, when there was no beach.  Ah well!  Back to the apartment again and had a pretty relaxed evening, and an easy stir fry for dinner.

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