By feorlean

20 years on ...

Today saw the retiral from the Parliament of the Assistant Chief Executive Ken Hughes who has been there since the institution was created 20 years ago.

I was elected to that first Scottish Parliament for almost 3 centuries and was appointed by the Party Leader Alex Salmond as the SNP’s founding Business Manager.

In those early days it was to Ken I turned again and again as we all learnt how the place was going to work and what could be achieved through the Business Bureau which was at that time in these Islands a very different way for a Parliament to manage its affairs .

Since then he has remained a much appreciated source of information and guidance as I have undertaken a range of different roles , most notably almost exactly a year ago when he played a crucial part in ensuring the right Parliamentary approach was taken to the unique challenges of the Continuity Bill.

I managed to get this picture this morning just before the start of today’s session at which he banged the gavel for the last time. And I also managed ten minutes at his farewell party this evening before having to go to another meeting.

Both gave me the opportunity to say thanks to him and wish him well in the next stage of his life.

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