A day in the life

By Shelling


Every thursday during three months every spring and autumn in the theatre restaurant, we can enjoy a bowl of superb vegetable soup and after a little while, also listen to some sort of performance for an hour. The theme can be most anything from poetry, presenting books or a writer, a lecture or music of some kind. 

Today to musicians and teachers at the local school of music had put together an hour of Pink Floyds music. The singer, to the left, plays guitar but also kickdrum, hi-hat and  a snare drum with his heels while standing up. The guy to the right is doing all the electric guitar bits, changing between three guitars and a ton of pedals on the floor. He also sings parts. 

It sounds complicated and, if you know what they are doing, it is very demanding but they are skilled and experienced musicians who knows their job well and I must say I didn't miss any of the instruments that wasn't there, I could fully enjoy the concert. They did a great job and the audience was more than happy. 

I must say I was a bit dubious before I went, because I know the repertoar by heart but I surrendered to their skill. 

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