Sally Mair - Loving life

By Sallymair


Started today with a walk to Davidson's Mains and back as I thought I might have difficulty getting my steps in later. It was so warm I didn't bother with a coat at all.
I came down to Crewe today to help lead a course for Cursillo, a church group I'm involved with. I got the train from Haymarket, and as I went into the station I was greeted by the sound of a piano. I suppose this is along the lines of the player pianos that were around a few years ago, but in this case it is a beautiful new instrument provided by a piano store. The span was share your forté! It was a lovely relaxing start to my journey. She was good!
The train journey was very good, I'd upgraded to first class for an extra £12. On the 3.5 hour journey I enjoyed first brunch, then lunch, including soft and alcoholic drinks had I wanted them and lots of tea and coffee. All this and a comfy seat in an uncrowded carriage too.
Arrived safely and met up with the rest of the team, we had a relaxing evening with a pub meal and will spend tomorrow getting ready for the delegates to arrive late afternoon. They are coming from across the country. After that we have a full on programme till after lunch on Sunday.
Steps today 13244, glad I did that walk this morning.

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