By Pinkhairedlady

Barcelona (part three)

We had planned a lazy day so later start than yesterday - up to the shop for fresh bread and to find the laundrette. Put the washing on and had mashed avocado on bread for brekkie - very yummy with salt and pepper and a squeeze of lime.

Hung up the washing and sat down with my book to relax in the sun when I was disturbed by a ‘oh bugger’ from inside the van - my darling husband had managed to cowp out the eggs when looking for a biscuit to have with his tea and one had smashed all over the sofa cushions. Cue much muttering under my breath whilst I got out the hand wash liquid - only took 10 minutes and think I got all the egg out.

Decided to head to the supermarket and forgo a trip into Barcelona - salad for lunch and then sitting in the sun with my book whilst moving the washing around to take advantage of the sun.

Sitting in the bar having a glass of wine to take advantage of their Wi-fi and enjoyed the spectacle of many of the longer term residents of this park coming in in 60s dress! Didn’t have the nerve to ask for a photo so you’ll have to make do with the photo of the trees just beside the van.

Thanks for all the stars and comments - much appreciated.

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