A Bridge Not Too Far

Huge thanks for your comments, stars, and hearts for my 500th blipday yesterday.  You all are so kind and generous (with me still slacking here on limited mojo...)

Today brought wind and non-sticking snow plus a friendly knock at our door.  Tookie ! in town from Seattle kindly made time to visit me and her "old boyfriend" Mr. Mole.  They hugged profusely and exchanged compliments.  We all agreed the cole slaw had way too much mayo in it.  Then Tookie and I cruised Chagrin River Road in her monster rental with lots of bells and whistles we weren't quite sure about.  What a delight to enjoy her company for a several hours.  The laughter was great. Thank you Tookie! 


"The Gates Mills Interurban Bridge, known locally as simply The Walking Bridge, offers a pedestrian-only route over the scenic Chagrin River. The steel truss bridge was built in 1899 for the Eastern Ohio Traction Company as part of an electric railway that once connected the community to Cleveland.

The line was abandoned in 1925 and sat unused for a number of years. In 2004, the Gates Mills Community Club sponsored the restoration of the bridge for use as a walkway.Note that bicyclists who wish to cross the bridge are requested to dismount. "  
- - - Hijacked from Rails to Trails Conservancy

Happy weekend!

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