creative lenna

By creativelenna

Cat shelves, complete with mural

Steve made the shelves and put them up to entertain our indoor cats (and us, I might say!). Neither Steve or I were thrilled with the plain white walls though. There used to be colorful paintings on that wall, but we moved them elsewhere . . . for the cats!! They seemed to enjoy the shelves with the plain walls, but Steve & I had other ideas.

I asked him what he thought of me painting a mural of sorts. I envisioned greenery, grass-like among the shelves. He said, yes please! And then almost at the same time, we both thought that some of his Cat cartoon figures (Lightning & Luna) would be great mixed in! 

So this is what we came up with. It was fun to do and it makes me very happy now to look at it. The cats have been enjoying it too - see the extra photos! 

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