Silly Saturday

I think I look a bit of a silly plonker here, so I thought this selfie would do for the Silly Saturday challenge.

We have very nice new neighbours at the opposite side of our garden, and they're having a room built on top of their garage - hence the scaffolding (they did ask nicely before erecting the scaffolding in our garden - but I don't know what they'd have done if we'd said "no"!).

For many years there's been a lot of ivy growing up our side of their garage wall: their builders have asked us to remove it as they say it tends to cause damp in the wall. So here I am, doing what I was told (for once!). The camera was on a tripod on delayed-action and I only had 12 seconds between pressing the button and getting into position under the scaffolding but I just managed it.

(Astute blippers may notice that since last Saturday I've had a pretty severe haircut...well, I always like to get my money's worth when I eventually get round to going to the barber's!)

Many thanks to admirer for hosting Silly Saturday.

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