Sieze the day

By Mario

Close encounters of a Blip Kind

Thank you all so much for the wonderful comments , Hearts and Stars for my 7th Blip anniversary. Today Marie and I did another road trip, this time to Lake Tekapo and Lake Alexandrina. Marie was talking to a couple when listening to the mans accent, I asked him which part of Holland he was from. His wife and him are from Amsterdam, I said I was made there and he said he was too, we had a great conversation. They live not far from my Cousin. He showed me photos of their house, he wanted the front toward the city and the back looking out to the country and that's exactly what they have now. While I was talking I spied some people walking around with Camera's and low and behold it was a bunch of Blippers, it was Rainie,Freespiral and Himself a great impromptu Blip Meet at lake Alexandrina.

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