The promise of things to come

When I got into the car to head off for a meeting in Milton Keynes, the emissions warning light came on - despite the fact that it had passed its MOT just a week ago. I'd already cancelled my meeting once so decided to take a risk and drive down gently - the engine seemed to be running fine and I arrived with no problems.

I had a very useful chat with the Biodiversity Officer of the Parks Trust, who care for all the open space in the town, and we then we went off for a walk round Shenley Wood, which I'll be surveying later this year. After being taken round the site, I went back to explore more thoroughly and found a couple of patches of early-purple orchids, with various degrees of spotting on their leaves, and quite a few fat flower buds. 

The drive home was uneventful and part of the way through it the warning light went out. Nevertheless I booked it into the garage tomorrow morning to be checked, as I'll be driving to Devon in a couple of weeks and don't want any problems for that.

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