Over to P and F's in Bellingham this afternoon with the guitar that MrM has just finished making for P. Just finished in the sense that he was still finishing it off and polishing it this morning!

Stayed a while longer than anticipated, for tea and cake, and then while P soldered the pick up. Worth waiting to listen to the guitar through the amp - sounded fantastic - and it was good to catch up with them and their dog Buster. 

Had a short but pleasant walk in Sidwood before driving home. We followed the path to the remains of a neolithic settlement and, on the way, passed a deep lake full of bubbles coming to the surface. Wondering what was causing them we went closer. In MrM's words, it was "high-octane froggy testosterone activity". Hundreds, if not thousands, of frogs all doing the same thing - never seen anything quite like it before! only one frog in the extra though...

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