Sun seekers

Had intended to start thoroughly Spring cleaning the flat today - goodness knows, it needs it - but decided instead on something completely different! Been meaning to get round to it for months, but it's never seemed particularly urgent until now. Reasonably fit and healthy, I'm hoping that Coronavirus won't carry me off, but it's a virulent little beast so who knows? So I sat down and wrote down my 'last wishes', as it were. Much more difficult than anticipated, and took a while, but I feel happier now it's done. Not easy to contemplate one's own mortality...

Apart from walking the very short distance to the post box and back, neither of us has been outside the gate today. Exercise comprised cycling10km to nowhere on MrM's exercise bike, which probably did me good, though I'm not sure my bum would agree!

A Blip from the 'yard - crocuses searching for the sun (which had disappeared mid-morning).

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