By seizetheday

Curzierton Hill

Both hit by social distancing lethargy this morning, and found it very hard to find motivation to do anything. But we eventually got going - MrM did some more work on the hall floor (a work in progress for the last 2 months), and I tackled some domestic stuff.

Late afternoon, we decided to get out for a walk. Horrified by photos in the news and on social media demonstrating that vast numbers of people are completely ignoring advice to stay away from others - crowded shopping malls, beaches and beauty spots more crowded than on a fine bank holiday, and huge groups of bikers congregating. 

We went to a remote area in the Borders and walked a very short section of Dere Street. No time to climb it today, but we earmarked this hill as one to walk over on a future occasion - I suspect it may be a very long while before there's any chance of that. As we walked back to the car, the sun set behind the hills (extras). We didn't see anyone all!

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