Newcastle Downunder

By jensphotos

Deja Vu

A spotty day of chores today.  A spot of gardening, a spot of shopping at Bunnings for my Aunt and then a spot of gardening for her, a spot of tea, a spot of grocery shopping for me and then home for the dogs to take them for a good run at Hams beach.   A did a spot of droning over Swansea channel and was thinking about the coastline but lost the light.  On the way home I saw this lightning.  Another big thunder storm but this time to the North.  The hounds were dropped home and off I went again storm chasing.  As happened last night I think I missed the best of it.  It was so far North it was perfect conditions in that there was no rain and no immediate threat of being zapped.   I wonder if we will get another one tomorrow night?  Well that's the weekend done and dusted.  I haven't had much screen time over the last few days so apologies for not getting around much or individual thank yous.

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