By Memories4Me

Sugaring Off

Dear Diary,

A lovely day at the Remick Farm in Tamworth, NH for the maple sugar festival.  This is the weekend that sugar houses all over NH and Maine are open to the public.  I purchased my bottle of lovely syrup and also visited the history center in town.  They had an exhibit on the Chinook sled dogs that were first bred, a mix of mastiff and husky, in town back in 1917 by Arthur Walden.  Chinook accompanied Walden and Admiral Byrd on their famous expedition to the South Pole in 1928.  Sadly, Chinook died on that trip.  I've posted an extra of the newspaper form the exhibit and if you want to know more about the Chinook you can read it here.
I've also added a view of the barns on the farm.

Restaurant Review: diners at the café last night were very pleased with the entrée, sliced apple rolled in sunflower seed with a side of peanuts.  However, the little rascals did not leave a tip!  Such gratitude!  (Extra)

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