Quod oculus meus videt

By GrahamColling

Bentley Wharf Bridge

We walked to my mother in law's today - just a few miles but L is chuffed because it was more than 6 miles in total there and back and she would usually start to have problems with her foot well before that distance.  It must have been the break in the walk that helped, while we set up our old Sky box for my M-i-L after her box gave up the ghost.

It was a glorious day with just these fair weather cumulonimbus nimbus clouds in the sky.  There was a cool wind but it was perfect walking conditions.  I'm chuffed because I have a walk planned with my old walking partner tomorrow and the weather is supposed to be even better.

The bridge joins two local nature reserves now, but would have formerly been associated with local coal mining in the area.

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