Eternal Flame

Another exhausting day - who said holidays were restful?
We started early by heading out to the Iwa Jima Memorial at dawn - it's a relatively short walk from our hotel and well worth the effort. We were able to get some colour in the sky and silhouette the monument; very moving and impressive (extra).
After breakfast we visited the Arlington Cemetery and just about made it ahead of the masses.  Such a vast area of graves.  The Kennedy burial area is very powerful and everyone was absolutely silent.  It's simple layout with the eternal flame burning is emotional, especially to us of the generation that remembers all the events of the assassination. He is buried along with his wife, Jackie and two infant daughters - one stillborn and another who died at a few days old - the son died in an air crash so ashes scattered and the daughter, Caroline, is still alive. The cemetery is impressive for its size and organisation.
After a stop for lunch we made it - along with millions of others - to the Lincoln Memorial,  Such a contrast - no crowd control. so many just after their 'selfie' in front of the statue and merely a Sunday afternoon run in the park or family picnic. No atmosphere or reverence at all. 
By then our energy was low and we headed back to the hotel, pausing for a few interesting shots in the metro station.  Possibly an early start in the morning for a better view at the Lincoln Memorial - depends on the weather forecast.

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