Today we took the dogs and headed out to Castell de Castells and checked out Els Arcs. Els Arcs is an arch formed to 30 million years old rock. It was steep behind the arches so I didn't dare to go close. But a very impressive sight. I'm glad we went.

We had to drive 1,5 hours there and back. We don't usually go so long to hike, but this was something we really wanted to see.

Weather was nice and I had to take off a layer. I had some coffee and pancakes near the aches. My other half had something else he wanted to eat. It's not that I didn't give him any. But I did give a little for the dogs.

Dogs seemed to enjoy the day out as well. Cavaliers have been sleeping since we got home. Buddha and I had to take cover at neighbor's as the banging started next door and the little one gets too scared of the noise. Well, that gave me a chance to catch up with Jennifer which was really nice.

This is a GoPro selfie. See the Lumia I have on my other hand which I use for landscapes. One camera for each hand - naturally.

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