By HeidiHH

25032020 12th Corona isolation day

 I can't believe it's been 12 days already and many more to come.

This week is most likely the peak week in Spain for Corona outbreak. The last 24 hours more people have died in Spain than in Italy. We have now 47610 positives by 6 pm today with 3475 dead.

In Alicante province where we live we have 858 positives and 71 dead. Apparently one died yesterday in our village. The body was picked up by the authorities.

I've spent my day cleaning and doing laundry. Some of the laundry was left for tomorrow because I want it dry before I bring anything back to house.

Rachel came by our gate. I gave her some masks I made. She didn't have any and just picked few washable ones before she went for groceries.

I also saw Jennifer though the Danish house's back patio while I went to close the windows after ventilation. Jen had some really bad news. 2 of her friends back at Wales have the virus. One of her friend (form our village) has cancer and was given 1-2 years and her grandson who has brain tumor (benign) can only get treatment after the coronavirus thing has passed, which could be in about a year. So. I don't even have words for the situation...

I also gave Jen some masks I had made. Flamingos for her as she shares my love for flamingos.

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