By HeidiHH

26032020 13th Corona isolation day

Very similar day as the previous ones. Luckily we saw some sun today. More rain and cold on it's way. This was just an intermission. I don't understand how even the weather is against us. It's miserable as it is and then it also has to be freakishly cold and rainy.

We saw our Swedish neighbors this morning. They were walking by our gate. They came few days before the isolation and they are now trying to get back home. They were coming from the airport. They had tickets, but the flight was cancelled. They have another try tomorrow and the last try on Saturday. They have bought 3 tickets to 3 different flights trying to get out. And that's very common story. They didn't have masks, so I gave them few I made.

We have one house across the street where they have multiple people there every day, people who don't live there. I have never seen them before. No idea who they are. The lady of the house is there too. My guess is that she taken in some extra people for money. Unfortunately they don't even stay put but they come and go. I do not understand people who don't take the situation seriously.

In Spain 5 pm today the positives are at 56 188 and the deaths 4145.

The situation in Italy is uncomprehendable.
Cases: 80 589 Deaths: 8215 Recovered: 10 361 Critical: 3612. The numbers just keep rising there.

Spain bought new test kits from China. It was something like 460 000 of them. They were rubbish. Only about 30% work.  The maker was unlicensed. Madre Mia! Someone making money our of others misery and sending crap.

Picture again from our short doggy walk.

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